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Article Banner Ad for You Article Banner Ad for Teen by Meg Clark The right response Girlx a market I Girlz both months ago — emails, hands, formspring its, facebook messages — diversified from polite to about curious to snarky to side-up enraged. For anything you can and hannah. If you dressed that that all the in more boys would pay make to you. The ever-awesome substances at Threadbared derailed it up pretty strong well here:.

Bif anything you can and fight! Or, if Girls riding diddo gif a book, grab a rock. Grab anything you can, and fight! Do not believe in heroes: While some episodes follow a relatively conventional set-up, development, denouement arc, some do awesome things with storytelling. And you were pleased, because you always wanted didfo hear about yourself Girls riding diddo gif the radio. A lot of the anxieties and legislations didddo Night Vale can be read as satires of Live web cam sex list events and worries in twenty-first century America: At the end of the day, one of the things I love most about Night Vale is the way it embraces a sort of optimism of existential dread.

It embraces just how gof and improbable and tenuous existence is: It asks you to not be a corporate automaton. Perhaps most importantly, it asks you to embrace who you are and what you can accomplish. And yet, it is. The ever-awesome ladies at Threadbared summed it up pretty damn well here: A better question to ask is: How is fashion an instrument of gender oppression and how is it a means to feminist liberation? Nobody here is saying that fashion IS feminist, or that fashion IS queer-positive, or that fashion IS somehow inherently good.

The only point, really, is that they are very, very intricately linked — largely by the very problems folks tend to want to say make them irreconcilable — and the eternal dismissal of fashion as shallow and worthless is, besides being damn frustrating, a reductive, incorrect, and I would argue probably misogynistic attitude. The next question, I suppose, is where do I get off posting editorials and runway photos, writing basic designer profiles for other publications, and talking about personal style with a community of other fashion bloggers etc. While I can understand the motivations for asking this question, I genuinely believe that its basis usually comes from certain dismissive, misogynistic assumptions about fashion and not from a well-thought-out, critical concern about fashion, feminism, and queer issues.

Can we not also derive pleasure from things that are at times either problematic themselves or emblematic of problems more deeply entrenched in our society?

Is this concept so alien? Do you watch and enjoy sports, which also promote a mob mentality, unrealistic body images and achievements, and an Glrls ideal of masculinity? Do you have friends who grate on your nerves or who are occasionally rude or racist or cruel but whom you still love as friends? There is nothing mutually exclusive about enjoyment and criticism, and being aware of problems should not by any means preclude or invalidate a simultaneous appreciation.

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Just because we CAN think critically about fashion means that we ought to do that ALL of the time, or that appreciation of some gir of Girls riding diddo gif indicates that our criticism and analysis must be posturing, or that the aspects of fashion that conflict with doddo issues I am passionate about somehow invalidates either of those. I like fashion for all the reasons everyone likes fashion: I love texture and colour and form. Why do we feel uncomfortable when dressed inappropriately in a social situation? What are the ways that race and class boundaries are defined, illustrated, and enforced through style?

These things are not entirely mutually exclusive, and I think we ought to give everyone a little more benefit of the doubt for having a casual or aesthetic interest in things that are also problematic — or, rather, to re-frame all these perceived conflicts not as a means to invalidate or dismiss, but rather as channels for conversation, constructive criticism, and understanding.